Encountering Myths About uPVC Windows and Doors

As a uPVC Windows & Doors company, we have met countless clients and customers, interested in the installation of uPVC products at their place. And many of the people we met had different misconceptions which were making them hesitate in choosing uPVC. Today we decided to address all those Myths About uPVC Windows and Doors which comes in your mind while purchasing uPVC.

uPVC is Plastic

The biggest misconception we have encountered yet is that people assume uPVC and PVC are the same material. They think uPVC products are made of plastic which produces flexibility, making it a less reliable choice for windows and doors. Although that is not the case. uPVC is UnPlasticized Polyvinyl Chloride and it is quite tough and rigid as it does not include the plasticizers that make plastic flexible.

uPVC Lacks Durability

A common misleading assumption is that uPVC windows and door frames lack durability, strength and they can not withstand harsh weather changes. But it’s all a myth. WinGlass uPVC windows and door frames are remarkably enduring (Steel Reinforced Profiles), robust, and weather-resistant (High Anti-UV Resistant) with approximately 30 years of lifespan, with no discoloration and cracks on the material.

Insufficient Security

When it comes to security it is widely believed that uPVC is unsafe. But uPVC windows and doors are reinforced with galvanized iron, making them strong and safe. They are made more secure by installing impact-resistant and burglar-proof glass in between the frames. They would undoubtedly protect your place from forced entry by any burglar or stranger.

uPVC is Flammable

It is quite heard from people that uPVC is flammable, implying that uPVC windows and doors easily catch fire. Well, that’s just another misconception. Unlike wood, uPVC windows and doors do not support combustion and are in fact self-extinguishing. Fire tests have shown that uPVC materials, being naturally flame retardant, will not cause or enhance the development of fire.

uPVC Turns Yellow

No doubt that in past, uPVC used to turn yellow with passing time. But the manufacturing procedure of uPVC doors and windows has much developed, permitting no room for poor grade uPVC profiles. Hence, uPVC window and door frames will in no way, ever turn yellow. But based on past experience, it is yet believed d that yellowing occurs on uPVC products.

In the hope that your misunderstandings would have been clear by now, WinGlass offers you high-quality, robust, and stylish uPVC windows and doors. To know more about uPVC, read more.




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