Aluminum Window & Doors System

Features & Material Compression

Aluminium Window & Doors System

Why use Aluminium?
WinGlass uses locally produced aluminum which is extremely strong with a number of significant properties in the construction of aluminum doors and windows. We have a vast range of aluminum doors and windows available to suit any kind of project specification.

With a high level of security and an exceptional lifespan, we have a beautiful and elegant range of aluminum doors and windows to fit according to your requirements. Let us take a look at WinGlass aluminum products features.


Our Offerings

  • Pakistan Cables Pvt. Ltd.
  • Chawla Aluminum
  • Prime Aluminum
  • Lucky Aluminum
  • Kruddson Aluminum
  • Japan Metal
  • Sino Pak
  • Multiple thickness is available, that is: 1mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2mm.


Window Types

  • Sliding Windows (Economy / Economy Box)
  • Sliding Windows (Deluxe / Deluxe Box)
  • Casement Windows
  • Fixed Glazing (Economy)
  • Fixed Glazing (Deluxe)


Features of Aluminium


Aluminum has corrosion resistant property which keeps it safe under harsh environmental conditions. They do not rot, dwell or crack over time, thus, provides extended product life.

Naturally Strong Window Profiles

Currently, aluminum is undeniably the strongest profile material available. Due to its remarkable natural strength, it is capable of withstanding larger glass panels which makes outside view of home glorious.

Wide Range Of Color Finishes

A wide range of color finishes is available in aluminum doors and windows to match your home decor so that you can personalize your home in accordance with your favourite color scheme.

Highly Secure For Maximum Safety

Internally glazed aluminum windows can be a great aid for your home security and act as an additional layer to protect against potential intruders. Combined with further hardware, you can ensure maximum safety.

Design Flexibility

The strong inherent and flexible properties of aluminum offers a wide range of design options from an architectural point of view to coloring schemes.

Economical Framing Choice

WinGlass aluminum frames are the best and relatively cheaper than other framing options especially if you are looking for both strong and economical windows and doors framing together along with excellent energy outcomes.