Features & Material Compression

Glass Glazing, Insulation, Safety & Security

WinGlass provides glazing solutions with all kind of local & imported glass, such as

Float Glass: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 23mm Clear
Tinted Glass
Green, Blue, Brown, Grey
Reflective Glass
Green, Brown
Tempered Safety Glass
Double Glazed Insulated Glass
Georgian Bars
Triple Glazed Insulated Glass
Laminated Security/Safety Glass

Glass Type Functionality
Sound Insulation Heat Insulation Light Safety
Double Glazed
Double Glazed Tempered
Triple Glazed
Annealed glass tempered glass laminated glass

Some of them are listed below

Features & Material Compression

Limits Condensation

The double glazing works effectively to prevent the moisture building up on your window panes and helps to reduce the excess moisture. The air between the two panes of glasses and the airtight seal prevents the building of moisture and restrain your windows frames from mildew or rotting.

Sound Insulation

Double glazed glass improves sound insulation by creating a barrier between the home and outside environment and is proven to reduce noise by 60%. Ideal if you live by a busy or heavy traffic road.

Heat Insulation

Due to their strong profiles, double glazed windows provide a heat insulation that keeps you safe from the extremes of temperature and keeps your place a bit cooler in sunny days.

Reduces Impact of Light and Radiation

Special reflective glass reduces the effect of light and radiation and provides protection from the ultra-violet rays. It also blocks the view from outside during the daytime while the view from inside is clear.

Increase Security

Laminated glass is 4-5 times stronger than normal glass and ideal for security purpose. They are generally tightly sealed and are toughened glass which is difficult to break, hence providing enhanced security.

Reduces Energy Usage

Since double glazed glass, tinted glass, and reflective glass calls for a less need of air-conditioning or heating systems, so there is a reduced energy consumption which reflects on your power bills.

Reduces Interior Fading

Special glass types are available that helps to reduce the damaging effects of UV light on carpet, drapes, and furniture and reduces interior fading. It reduces sun damage to your paintings, furniture, and wall paint, and refrains from fading.
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