uPVC Windows & Doors System

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uPVC Windows & Doors System

Why use uPVC?
uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) is proven to provide an excellent performance and durability and is widely used in the manufacturing of doors and windows. uPVC is an extensively used material as it does not easily get affected by unlikely weather condition or climatic changes, and its insulation property makes it the best pick for you. This type of uPVC has gained quite a huge popularity over years due to its strong, reliable and maintenance-free feature, however, there are many other significant aspects which emphasize the use of uPVC. The only fact to be kept under consideration is that while using uPVC for a larger area, it should be wrapped around a core of galvanized steel which holds uPVC firmly and makes it even stronger.


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Features of uPVC

Low cost

uPVC turns to be relatively cheaper than aluminum and timber. The cost may vary in terms of quality and features of doors and windows, even though, comparatively you find it much affordable.

Low maintenance

uPVC is quite popular is due to the fact that it requires low maintenance. No periodic maintenance is required, just a regular cleaning of doors and windows will give you a fresh look.

Great performance

Our energy efficient uPVC windows are outstanding when it comes to energy efficiency. It helps you to reduce heating costs and keep your property nice and warm too. Its resilience, robustness, and strength make it a very reliable solution for home security.

Monsoon Resistance

WinGlass doors and windows have built-in Joint Tightness feature, which makes them resistant to rainy monsoon seasons. uPVC profiles have a special drain mechanism.

Environmental Impact

WinGlass uPVC doors and windows as compared to wooden windows have a better environment friendly feature as no trees are cut to produce these window, hence they are environment-friendly.

Energy Conservation

WinGlass uPVC doors and windows are great insulators. They do not support heat conductivity and have excellent sealing with multiple point locks and fusion welded joints; hence conserve energy.

Sound Insulation

When it comes to sound insulation, WinGlass uPVC Window and doors makes an excellent choice as they are fusion welded, doubled sealed, and lock at multiple points.

Termite Resistance

WinGlass uPVC windows and doors are not prone to termites. Hence they do not rot or decay.