PVC or uPVC – What’s Best for Windows

It’s quite common for people to get confused between PVC and uPVC. While both belong to the same chemical family, they differ totally in physical qualities. This leads to a difference in their performance as window frames as well. While PVC and uPVC both are widely used for this purpose, which one is the best?

The ‘U’ in uPVC stands for unplasticized. Originally, PVC has added plasticized material which makes it more flexible and malleable. Apart from this basic factor, let’s check out the attributes of each individually before we give a clear comparison.

What is PVC?

Also known as polyvinyl chloride, PVC is an artificially created polymer. Generally, its physical properties are that it is durable and versatile. Also, it comes in two types, flexible and inflexible. The inflexible material is used usually for pipeline constructions and plumbing fittings, and yes in the frames for windows and doors. But, when more plastic content is added to this material from the plasticization process, it becomes more flexible. This highly flexible material can now be used to coat wires, synthetic leather goods, balloons, and as a replacement for rubber as well.

What is uPVC?

uPVC is a far more durable and sturdier material than the normal PVC. That point is evident from the constant advertisement of uPVC windows as the best in the market. The stability of this material is questioned at times because of its lack of plastic content to make it flexible. This is not the case, as it offers better weather resistance, insulation, energy-saving aspects, and environmental stability.

Let’s Compare

Now let’s bring the facts together into a showdown to see the contrasting features of both and determine which makes the best windows and door frames.


Firstly, PVC is put to better use in the making of pipes for all kinds of purposes. This includes irrigation, pool fittings, and waste drainage systems. It can also be a good substitute for metals is used for minor objects like toys and instruments. This is due to its flexibility to be molded and turned to fit these purposes.

Durability and Robustness

Secondly, in contrast, if uPVC is used for pipes, it’s for exposed pipes that are fitting above ground level. That’s because it’s sturdy and durable against the outside environment, as compared to PVC.

This comparison shows that while PVC is also a strong, sturdy material, its best usage is in pipes and underground fittings. While uPVC window frames and doors are the best because of their durability against weathering and corrosion resistance. Today, state-of-the-art uPVC services are recommended by the best windows and door companies in Pakistan. So, make sure you make the best choice for the most important element of your building. uPVC is a functional choice that also gives a sleek, neat, and beautiful look to your windows.


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