A Look Into uPVC & Aluminum Products

Have you been looking to install new windows while renovating your home or need to select double or triple glazed windows for new construction? Most probably you would be coming across two popular options – aluminum and uPVC windows. Since both of these materials are amazingly robust and durable, it is hard to say which one is better among the two. Still, there are some significant differences in look, quality, styles, and other characteristics of uPVC and aluminum. Today, we’ll give you a proper insight which will help you decide the best for your place.


Both aluminum and uPVC don’t require much maintenance except regular cleaning and quick wiping of the doors and windows. But for this, aluminum needs to be powder coated which fortunately lasts for around 2 decades. Meanwhile, uPVC doesn’t require any coating. It would last for decades too without changing color or fading.


uPVC tends to be cheaper than aluminum. Installing aluminum windows is always more expensive than uPVC because of higher material and manufacturing costs. uPVC Doors and Windows are less expensive than wood or aluminum, and it is also inside the budget of most house owners and renovators, making them a popular choice.


uPVC is a very durable material and resistant to rot, which means it has a long lifespan and requires very little maintenance. uPVC windows and doors do not fade under sustained exposure to the sun. Aluminum can start fading after sustained exposure to the sun, but high-quality aluminum windows and doors are far more durable than uPVC and they don’t degrade.


UPVC and aluminum window feature reinforced frames and multi-point locks, making them as extremely secure as each other.


Aluminum window are also environmentally friendly, so are uPVC products. Aluminum is indefinitely recyclable – when you recycle it, it creates very high-quality new aluminum and the process only uses 5% of the energy needed to create the initial metal. Whereas uPVC windows have been proven to be one of the most environmentally friendly glazing products available today.

Both aluminum and uPVC have some great benefits, but whether they’re right for you depends on your unique needs. WinGlass features high-quality double and triple glazed windows in both uPVC and aluminum. For more info, visit our website and reach out to get a quote.


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