High-quality aluminum windows and high-quality wood windows are good in their own ways. They both have qualities, as a result, preferred by people who like to want their own choice. In this post let’s see which one is better.


If you will talk about durability, high-quality aluminum windows are better than high-quality wood windows.

Aluminum is a durable, lightweight, and high-versatile material. It is used for window frames and for doors. Its versatile molding feature is best for modern houses as they can be molded in any shape for your windows and are maintenance-free. Aluminum windows design is more appealing in its looks.

On the other hand, wood windows are heavier than aluminum. Less malleable, which limits the types of custom shape options. But it is a highly customizable building product, specially handcrafted and with paint. It requires more maintenance.


More Energy Efficient

Aluminum is a heat conductor which transfers heat easily. In this manner, there is more heat in summers and less heat in winters. To combat high thermal transform manufacturers use a thermal break that adds insulation in the frame but still can’t eliminate heat transfer.

Glass in-between frames also play part in your windows. As the weather changes, aluminum expands and contracts according to it. On the other hand, wood contracts and expands less than aluminum. Wood windows are more energy-efficient than aluminum. Wood is a bad conductor of heat.


Better looks

The looks of windows change the view of your house. The more contemporary home needs more stylized windows.  Wood is classic, warm, and beautiful. You can get windows for your traditional home as it is not very flexible. Wood is a heavy and thick material. People are less likely to have it because of on and off maintenance to make it better in looks.

Aluminum is a flexible material and can be molded in any shape according to your house’s needs. Fabrication is easy. Aluminum’s flexibility gives you the chance for custom shapes to make your home more trendy than traditional. Aluminum windows design is more attractive for your trendy home. Aluminum is lightweight yet strong. It can hold large panes of glass while looking sleek.


Wood windows are costly because of their materials. If you have wood windows in your traditional home then it will need more on and off maintenance which will add to your cost. Wood and timber is natural resource, but this resource takes time to grow. It needs more manual work for fabrication and handcrafts.

These windows are not very expensive. It goes through a different fabrication process than wood. Aluminum is a mineral, but it is composed of aluminum mixed with other materials. When bonded together, it creates a material that is used for windows. Aluminum frames are made through an extrusion process that presses the material through a system and dies.

Aluminum Windows for better solution
Aluminum Windows for a better solution

Choose the best

As we compare both, aluminum is more durable, flexible for your windows. Aluminum windows cost less than wood. Less maintenance makes it good to go. You just need to clean the debris and dirt, and it’s good to go. On the other hand, wood is not very durable but yes energy efficient, but costly in price. If you are loving a modern house then go for aluminum windows from WinGlass. We have a versatile range of aluminum windows. You can have the best option for you. Visit us for aluminum windows and make your choice.

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