Curtain wall systems are getting more famous for business purposes. Either shop owners or office owners, both want installation of curtain wall glass. The curtain wall system, which is an exterior non-structural covering of a structure that keeps the elements out. Additionally, it is getting more trendy. The curtain wall system does not support any kind of building weight except its own.

Curtain wall façade
Curtain wall façade

Advantages You Will Have

  • The cost of installation and construction is low, as it is a non-structural and lightweight material.
  • By adding glass, you can allow natural light to penetrate the building. It improves ventilation and help to reduce lightening and energy cost
  • It can withstand air and water inflation. In addition, wind and earthquake forces operate on the structure, as well as its own load weight forces.
  • It provides thermal insulation and fire, smoke, and acoustic separation
  • You can open windows to prevent the accumulation of dirt.

Why Curtain Wall System

It has constructed out of aluminum which is a lightweight and cost-effective material. Extruded aluminum members have commonly used in modern curtain walling systems. Although aluminum is less expensive to manufacture than steel. Aluminum can be recycled again and again without any loss of quality.

Easier to maintain and clean. In fact, it won’t rot, rust, or tear. Neither its shape will deform nor twist, it will remain the same. That is why it’s ideal for new-build or re-construct developments

Glazed aluminum curtain wall systems are a quick and cost-effective way to install glass in large areas of a building. It also gives you a high-quality energy performance and thermal security features.

Best Curtain Wall System

WinGlass is one of Pakistan’s premier curtain wall glass providers and service companies. It is a one-stop-shop for all your curtain wall façade systems for providing installation and other services. You can get top-quality glass curtain wall systems at a competitive price. 

Indeed, we provide high-quality aluminum curtain wall systems to our customers. You can get a single-glazed glass or double-glazed glass from WinGlass according to your requirements.

Sound insulated or energy-efficient panels for your curtain wall system. According to your building requirement glass will deliver to you with complete safety measures. This system is mostly available to use on larger areas of glazing. The height and width are limited.

Well, We have equipment with the latest trends and techniques. Along with various elegant, strong, and customized designs, to fit your requirements.

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