A Blend of Style & Function: uPVC Ventilation Windows

A good house is not just the one that looks beautiful & elegant. The house needs to be functional too. It should account for all the needs of the person and have all the important facilities. For years now, uPVC has not only enhanced the look and feel of the residence and corporate buildings but the advanced functionality and features of uPVC windows and doors make them the preferred choice of the consumers.

One of such amazing uPVC products is awning/overhung windows aka ventilation windows. They are the perfect blend of style and function, normally used in bathrooms and kitchens, storerooms, utility rooms, etc. for better air ventilation.

Ventilation Windows Unique Mechanism

The awning/overhung ventilation windows can be fitted in multiple ways in the wall and can be set to open and close as per your ease. There are basically two popular types of awning/ overhung windows based on their functionality.

  • Top/Bottom Louvre: The window is installed in such a way that it can be opened either from top to downwards or from bottom to upwards.
  • Sideways Louvre:¬†The different installations allow you to open the windows sideways¬† – either from left to right or right to left.

The advanced window design also provides you with the option of adding an exhaust fan within the uPVC window.

Astounding Features of uPVC Ventilation Windows

You will find ventilation windows made with aluminum or wood in the market. But some features only come with uPVC awning/overhung windows; they are quite durable and long-lasting for up to 20 years. Some other qualities are:

  • Manufactured with premium quality raw materials
  • Enhanced thermal and sound insulation
  • Improved ventilation
  • Multipoint locking system ensures greater security
  • Chambered profile for better safety
  • Works well even for smaller/narrower spaces
  • Gives the appearance of a modern profile

With WinGlass‘ uPVC ventilation windows, you can now get rid of unwanted odors and musty air and let in the fresh air. To ensures a healthy, hygienic and comfortable atmosphere in your house, get a quote from us for new uPVC windows for your place.


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