A Simple Guide: How to Clean the Dirty Skylights

Skylight is an amazing opinion to introduce natural light and fresh air inside your home. The double-glazed glass of the skylight ensures a lot of energy-saving. Also,  you can enjoy beautiful nights and refreshing morning scenes while staying indoor.

Since it is installed on the roof, clean dirty skylights isn’t as simple as cleaning any other window at your place. You can hire a cleaning service to get this task done or do it yourself given that you have taken great of the safety first. This is how you can get started:

Materials that Can Help

At first, prepare yourself by gathering all the supplies that you would need for cleaning the skylight. Here’s a checklist for you:

  • Liquid dish soap
  • Basin or bucket for holding water
  • Long-handled dry mop
  • Cleaning cloths or clean rags
  • Power washer (for the outside of skylights only)
  • Sponges
  • Rubber band or string for tying
  • Ladder
  • Non-slip shoes

Check with the manufacturer or provider of your skylight regarding the materials that are safe for your glass skylights.

Prepare the Room

Clear out the room or corridor where you have the skylight. Move all the furniture and decorations and furniture in a safe corner or shift them to another room to save them from getting stuffed with dust and grime during the cleaning. Also, cover the flooring with plastic sheets to protect your flooring from being damaged.

Safety Comes First

Nothing matter more than yourself. Ensure your safety and well-being while carrying out this work. The cleaning chemicals shouldn’t only be safe for the skylight but for you too. Use a non-slippery, proper ladder to clean hard-to-reach skylights and while you are cleaning them from outside. Do wear non-slippery shoes too.

Cleaning the Inside

Start the cleaning process by removing all dust and debris from your skylights with a long-handled dry mop. If you are on a ladder, you may simply use a clean, dry cloth for this part of the process. Once the debris and dust are gone, move on to step number two. This involves filing a bucket or basin with warm water and a few drops of liquid dish soap. Soak your cellulose sponge in this soap and water mixture and wring it out. Wash the window gently with the sponge—either by hand or on the end of a long-handled mop. Once all of your skylights are clean, empty the soapy water and replace it with cool, clean water. Rinse the sponge clean, and proceed to rinse the soap from the skylights with the sponge and clean water.

Cleaning the Outside

Often natural rainfall is enough to clean your skylights from the outside. Otherwise, the best way to clean the outside of these windows involves accessing the roof. For a quick clean, use a power washer while the same steps taken to clean the insides are enough for cleaning from the outside.

All done! Now enjoy natural light and beautiful, clear views from your skylight. Contact WinGlass to get a quote for the installation of the skylight at your place.


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