The Hype About Colored uPVC Windows & Doors

Colors provide ambiance and warmth to your home. You can add a touch of style and elegance through the color combination. textures and contrast. The well-chosen pigments and shades reflect your taste and class.

You would have seen the white, ivory-colored uPVC windows and doors once a while. But have you seen the colored ones? If you don’t know yet, there is quite a hype about colored uPVC windows these days. Yes, you heard it right – colored uPVC windows.

What’s New About Coloured uPVC Windows?

Basically, they are pigmented uPVC windows made with various different techniques. One of them is to coat the profiles of the windows, and after they have been extruded, standard procedures of manufacturing uPVC windows are followed. Another technique is to apply a paint finish before or after the uPVC windows are made. Colored uPVC Windows are a bit expensive as compared to ordinary uPVC products. The cost would be 15-20% higher than the white uPVC windows and doors. For a cost estimate, contact us here.

By replacing your old windows with colored uPVC windows, you not only outfit your home with a unique appearance by personalizing various uPVC window styles, but you also experience significant improvement within the following areas: insulation, no condensation, reduced noise, better aesthetic, and price. uPVC windows can come in many different colors, which all can enhance a certain style. Grey uPVC windows can add a minimalist feel to a home, while brown windows can add warmth.

How to Choose Coloured uPVC Windows

For many people, finding out that they can personalize the color of their window frames is a double-edged sword. Yes, it gives plenty of room for creativity, but it also means making the difficult decision: which color to choose! Some people are looking for a subtle shade that will complement the existing architecture and stay in-keeping with the surrounding home, while other people prefer to make a bit more of a statement. While colored window frames are a great way to express your personality and give your home a Colored uPVC Windows & Doors  it’s worth thinking about the future.


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