The 2-in-1 uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

WinGlass introduces you to one of the most versatile and modern uPVC Tilt and Turn windows. The 2-in-1 window design allows them to have many varied benefits. Tilt and turn window frames have advanced functionality in two significant ways Рthe tilt function facilitates ventilation and the turn function works like a regular casement window. They come with a sash that can tilt open at an angle from its fixed hinges at the bottom or open inwards from hinges on the sides when the handle is turned at 90 degrees. Versatile and highly durable, uPVC tilt and turn windows are an excellent practical choice for any home.

Perks of uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

The versatile and highly durable, uPVC tilt and turn windows are an excellent practical choice for any home. See why:

Easy to clean

Cleaning tilt and turn windows is really an effortless task. With the window in turn position, you can safely and easily clean the exterior of your window from inside your home. These window frames allow you to clean them without the hassle of using ladders or any other special equipment.


The most apparent benefit of uPVC tilt and turn window is the amount of ventilation possible. Due to its multiple functioning, tilt and turn windows allow you to decide how much ventilation you need. The tilt function enables top ventilation, while the turn function allows for ample airflow and maximum ventilation. This option lets you set your room airflow with precision.


Tilt and turn windows require more robust internal hardware by design. Additionally, they come with multiple locking points and in-swing hinges which further secure the window from getting forcefully pulled open from the outside. Since it is equally sturdy and secure in a tilt position, it provides secure ventilation, by remaining open and allowing very little space for outside intrusion.

Efficient air-seals

uPVC tilt and turn window create tight air-seals, allowing for an air-tight window, resulting in improved energy efficiency for temperature insulation.

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