Have you interested in having a facade system for your new office and want a few options for building? Well to use glass glazing, these types of structural systems will be good for your commercial place. Have a look at the framing of facade systems, which are as follows.

Stick Systems

Stick system curtain walls are the ones absolutely assembling within the field. They have been constructed from lengthy vertical extrusions or aid mullions that are connected to the building’s structure. Typically, shorter horizontal extrusions span among the vertical mullions, growing a square body that binds the glass glazing on all 4 sides. The infill film — in this situation glass — is then set up into those frames on site.

Mullions have normally composed of aluminum, steel.  That is more potent however extra high price than aluminum, timber, and concrete. You can create stick structures while using glass that is vertically frameless. However, captured within the horizontal direction, as pictured at Grace Farms.

Sticks systems, which can be related to extra pricey and specialized on-site labor, are most common among low and mid-upward push glazed buildings. 

Unitized Systems

Unitized curtain wall structures have composed of big glass facade systems. You can assemble them into frames in a manufacturing unit. Consequently, arrive at the development site as an already non-stop system. These units have been designed to span a couple of flooring or horizontal modules. It might comprise a couple of cladding elements, which include operable vents and windows. 

One of the hallmarks of unitized structures is that due to the fact they have assembled in a climate-managed environment.  Producers can make certain high-overall performance quality. Which includes air and moisture safety. Completed in the manufacturing unit, devices are then shipped to the task site. Also lifted onto the constructing face, generally, the usage of ground-primarily based total equipment, monorails, mobile road cranes, or tower cranes.

Semi-Unitized Systems 

Semi-unitized structures integrate a number of the tremendous functions of each stick and unitized curtain wall structures. Unlike stick structures, which glass has brought to the development site on its own. Every piece of glass glazing has pre-bonded right into a smaller steel cassette. It is finally locking into a bigger body on site. As a result, on-site assembly consists of connecting steel-to-steel body components, mediated with gaskets, that are speedy and safe. It additionally precludes the want for site-carried out structural silicone.


Since curtain wall structures span throughout ground slabs. There’s a want for an opaque cladding fabric so that it will cover the slab edge, columns. Any mechanical structures positioned among every ground. This is in which spandrel glass comes into play. To gain opacity, spandrel glass has been handled with a frit film or included in an assembly referred to as a shadow box. Spandrels can harness to create the whole harmony with the constructing or render visually contrasting effects. Functions that include thermal insulation, sound insulation, and safety in opposition to fire. It has to additionally be taken into consideration while detailing spandrels.


We hope that you get an idea of which facade systems you want to have for your commercial building. WinGlass provides you with facade system installation with glass glazing to make your building sound and heat insulated. 

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