uPVC Doors & Windows: An Eco-Friendly Solution

The urbanization of cities, the tall skyscrapers, excessive use of vehicles have destroyed Earth’s health. But it’s never too late – people are realizing what excessive pollution and deforestation have done to our world. And now many of us are trying to switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle. And one such way is to switch to uPVC windows and doors. Didn’t get why? Let us explain.

Sustaining the Environment

Unlike other materials such as wood that requires cutting down of trees in a huge quantity, uPVC windows and door require unplasticized material. The nonplasticity of the uPVC window and door system reduces the carbon footprint. Plus, it can be recycled which will cut down its environmental effects even further.

Ensuring Energy-Efficiency

The uPVC window and door system feature amazing thermal insulation, far better than the popular aluminum windows and doors. uPVC’s inherent insulating properties to make door and window frames which, used alongside good double-glazed glass panes, will work to prevent heat loss and keep homes warm throughout the cold months and cold throughout the warm summers.

Saving on Maintenance

Another factor that adds to the eco-friendliness of uPVC is that it requires minimal maintenance. This means no repainting, sanding, or repairs which can require harmful chemicals and produce extra waste. Additionally, uPVC window and doors don’t require to be replaced for more than 20 years.

So don’t wait! And if you need to renovate your home, contact WinGlass for uPVC windows and doors. We not only fabricate the system but also deliver it to your place and perform a complete installation. Check out our complete services here.


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